Friday, 15 February 2013


 The Rector2B and I are so tired - tired of unpacking boxes, moving furniture into the correct rooms, trying to get telephones to work and unwrapping the carefully wrapped breakables. (Note to self : I do not need any more china or glasses - incomplete sets and non matching plates are very fashionable and on no account am I to buy more!) We have been so glad to be able to escape the chaos and return to our rented cottage. The rectory has had a continuous stream of contactors and we have had quite a number of visitors - who didn't stay long as there was nowhere to sit but it was good to see them (The natives are friendly!).
What to do?
Yesterday we arrived at the rectory to find scaffolders erecting the scaffolding to repair the leaking chimney - but the scaffolding was on the wrong chimney. The Rector2B and I discussed whether we should say anything as it has been made clear to us that any instructions to the contractors can only come from The Property Department. What to do?

1. Ring The Property Department and talk to the answer phone.
2. Mention to scaffolders that they might be barking up the wrong chimney.
3. Go indoors quickly and pretend we haven't seen anything.
4. Go indoors and make the scaffolders a cup of tea to slow progress.
5. Let them get on with it - it's nothing to do with us.

In the end we were saved from doing anything as the builders arrived and asked the scaffolders why they had put scaffolding on the wrong chimney. Down it came and up it went on the other chimney - ready to use a little later than expected.

We have left the rented cottage today and moved in officially so we have our first weekend in the house - hopefully without builders (back on Monday). The sun has shone all day. The snowdrops, primroses and daffodils are out in the garden and we are beginning to appreciate our new surroundings (The dogs love it here and would spend all day in the garden if they could).


  1. It looks like you are once again living in beautiful surroundings, Harriet and spring seems to be arriving early for you. Daffodils! The work on the house will be finished sometime and in the meantime you can enjoy exploring your new area.

  2. We have had glorious weather - clear blue skies by the afternoon - I expect it is the same everywhere - but we see it as a gift.

    1. In fact we've had a lot of cloud in Mid-Wales and the blue skies have only just arrived today.

  3. Hope you are now settling in. The doggies look happy in the garden and the Spring flowers are cheery. The opportunity to view your beautiful surroundings and take note of all the homes in your parish from that high vantage point must have been a special, if one-off, experience!

  4. What a lovely garden - lots of potential ... I know I'd use up some of the space with some hens - it's ideal!

    Praying that you soon feel settled and find your way round the place xx

    1. Hi - everyone has hens here. There is a very superior hen run and hutches on the other side of the end fence ( in the grounds of the old rectory). Our neighbours on the left also have hens so there is are loads of eggs on offer. The end of the garden would be ideal for space for something. Have you ever kept quails?