Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Walk, talk, pray and sermon writing

Last Saturday a hardy group of parishioners took to walking a valley walk around our six churches - a total of 11 miles in all. I'm not sure why this was started ten years ago - maybe as a prayer walk or a spin off from 'beating the bounds', but as it was, we were blessed with glorious weather and a great day out. Over thirty people walked the whole walk (the Rector@6 and myself included) and this rose to over fifty people if you included those who completed parts of the walk. Some were sponsored and were raising money for a chosen charity and others were just walking and enjoying the countryside and fellowship. There was time for prayer and a reflection in each church - each with a different topic and some with tea, coffee and cake (Dorset does very good homemade cakes). It was a great opportunity to get to know people from the different parishes and for the Rector@6 to get ideas for his sermon the next day (which he had not completed!).
Sermon writing in our house can be a bit like blogging production in our household - sometimes they just roll out with ease and other times I know the Rector@6 is struggling because he doesn't sleep well and keeps disappearing into his study - even on his DAY OFF! Occasionally we have a week of chewing over a particular text at the supper table. On other occasions, my experience as a time served teacher comes in useful for testing out or inspiring more child friendly talks. I still have a drawer of 'useful objects' that teachers tend to hoard - just in case!  The sermon for the day after the valley walk (Pentecost Sunday) was one of those occasions when my hoard of yellow stretchy men came in handy. The stretchy men were handed out to everyone who attended the joint churches' service. It was quite amusing to see the reactions and questioning look as each person was given a hymnbook, service sheets and a stretchy man. The Rector@6 was obviously inspired by the aches and pains he was feeling from the walk - because he talked about being stretched and re-shaped by the God - a subject close to my heart!
The early birds at the first church

Tess was not very well behaved in church!
We reached the last church in time for a lovely tea. It had been a super walk and the Rector@6 and I feel we are beginning to know where we are!
It was such a lovely day that we didn't want it to end - so the Rector@6 and I decided to walk the two and a half miles home, passed thatched cottages, through the scented bluebell woods and out into the vibrant yellow fields. What a day.......what surroundings!


  1. The churches are all lovely. What a great way to spend a sunny day. Jx

  2. Beautiful countryside for a lovely walk. 11 miles!! Some folk are fit:) And what an excellent way to make a closer acquaintance with the area and the parishioners and the churches in the parish.