Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blogging silence due to overload

A brief moment of relaxation - the weather is glorious - so there must be time to swim!
The gaps get longer and longer between posting a blog due to the work load of this rector's wife (who doesn't do scones, Sunday school, flowers, rotas or clean brasses). Over the last few weeks, these have been a few of my 'duties':-

1. Make door curtains into 18th Century dress for myself

2. Research then find pattern for 18th Century Rector's costume and make.

3. Find / make suitable headwear for said costumes including wig for rector.

5. Fill in for church secretary at church warden's meeting and take minutes.

6. Write up minutes.

7. Meet with enthusiastic group to share ideas for church display during village fete.

8. Visit scrap store to find materials for previously mentioned project.

9. Poo pick horse fields in midday sun for owners x4

10. Back a young horse for first time and survive.

11. Rescue mauled pigeon and make decision over its future.

12. Attend lunch party, supper party x2 and not look tired.

13. Plan menu for 'come and share' August house groups being held at Rectory x5

14. Redecorate upstairs smallest room (not finished)

15. Remember to celebrate 33rd wedding anniversary

16. Find suitable clothes for supper at the Bishop's (what is suitable?)

17. Attend supper with Bishop and smile.

18. Keep newly planted garden vaguely alive with constant watering.

19. Chase grouse / partridge / pheasants out of the garden before they get vegetables or dogs get them.

20. Arrange / hid clutter so spare room is available for my mother's visit.

21. Visit beach, National Trust houses and sewing shop.

22. Organise my mother to sew on 24 buttons to rector's 18th century costume (now button holes to do)

23. Organise spare room for nephew to stay while on work placement - he won't mind clutter!

24. Pick the vast number of gooseberries - and try to find a home for them (I don't do jam / pickles)

25. Pick remaining white and black currants - the birds have got there first.

26. Write blog here it is!
PS I forgot to mention the fantastic evening spent on the beach with my husband - life is good!


  1. Whew!!!!! You are leading an extremely busy life, but I love the idea of having to make a costume, or two ... pity it was all under pressure.
    Jam making is easy; but again it is time consuming ... think of home made jam adorning those scones:)

  2. That's quite a list. I think you could build a novel around it!

  3. I am exhausted reading your list. It is great to see your post.

  4. I'm like Suze — worn out just reading what you've been doing. That aside, you are obviously a very talented lady!

    Happy 33rd anniversary!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)