Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Seasonal changes

It's one of those days where you just have to get out and walk. The clear, clean air adds a sharpness to my thinking. The breeze whispers gently in my ears and clears my head of the doubts that go round and round in my head. Was it really meant to be so challenging? Was it really meant to be so stressful on our marriage? Will we survive this settling period? But, like the fields around us, there is a need to clear the ground to begin another cycle of growing. This has meant that the once productive field must be ploughed and harrowed again. This process involves digging deep and turning over new earth, breaking up the lumps and bumps and trying not to bend the harrow or plough in the process. The barren, chalky subsoil must not be exposed so the valuable top soil must be nourished and not lost in all the upheaval .
As I walk alongside the huge, manicured fields, the dogs relish the space and race down the furrows - we all enjoy this walk, high up above the rest of the world. It can leave you raw and exposed if the weather turns against you, but today, it is on our side. Bright autumn sunshine creates contrasts of dark shadows and shafts of light piercing through the remaining leaves that are clinging to the branches. A few berrries still remain in the hedgerows but summer is over. We are not fooled by these occasional servings of sunshine - the damp, misty mornings tell us otherwise. But today I can revel in walking without a coat or a care in the breeze!


  1. What a beautiful post - I think I walked it with you. Jx

  2. A delightful post about this time of year, and about your life, and about change.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  3. There is something comforting about the changing seasons. By allowing that to wash over us the 'real world' can lose its challenges. Love the sunflowers ... they always put their face to the sun:)

  4. Sounds and looks so beautiful. Wish I could go on that walk, too!

  5. I feel for you - life sounds ridiculously busy. On a positive note - you've definitely improved your loo. But - sigh.

    1. Yes - I suppose I should feel fulfilled by life being so busy (not just exhausted) - but when successes are a decorated loo - I wonder at myself!

  6. Hi Harriet - just beginning a catch up...you're still in stunning countryside. It does help when things are a challenge. Love those sunflowers . Axxx