Sunday, 15 September 2013

So that was the summer

Our last summer walk from Corfe Castle to the coast at Swannage.
Summer is over. I am sitting next to a roaring fire and through the window I can see the predicted gale tossing the trees so violently that they are forced to surrender their leaves. The Rector@6 and I are on our summer holiday. We have had some time to explore Dorset and now we have escaped back to Devon to put up our feet for a day or two. (At this present moment The Rector@6 is changing the light fittings in this room.)
The real summer has been full of shows, festivals and harvesting. Our rectory has been filled, each week in August, with a lunch and then evening summer course run by the rector. In between all of this, we have managed some lovely days out. Pictures are better than words.....and at the moment I seem to have very few words to write. Maybe it will be easier after our 'summer' holiday.
 For now, here is a taste of our new life.

The beaches are varied and glorious!

We live in the countryside where Thomas Hardy was born and where many of his books are set.

We are next door to an amazing annual steam fair!

We managed to get to the Christian Greenbelt festival for one day!

The weather has been good and the natives friendly! Here is our Faith, Hope and Love lunchtime course sharing lunch in the rectory garden. We had five sunny Tuesdays in a row in August / September - allowing both the evening and lunchtime groups to eat outside. It has been good to get to know so many people and I hope they will feel enthused to work together to build up our six rural churches. It has been good to talk - now the work begins!


  1. What a wonderful summer! Travels, training, and Thomas Hardy, all thrown together. And such delightful words and images: "the predicted gale tossing the trees so violently that they are forced to surrender their leaves." Truly, there is art to that!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Summer may be gone but you can cherish the memories of your first 'Rectorship'. Significant Other was impressed with the photos of the steam fair, photos of a past we almost remember.

  3. So glad you discovered the Steam Fair! I grew up near by and it was an annual highlight of my year :)