Thursday, 1 May 2014


Here is the real reason why this rector's wife has been unable to blog very often. A month ago I became the owner of these beauties - (the Rector@6 says he owns one of them). They are our retirement narrowboat or place in the sun or whatever we thought we would do when we reached retirement age! I must stress that we have not reached retirement age but have foolishly spent the money early!
They are a driving pair of friesians who came off the lorry from Holland five weeks ago. I have never driven horses but they can be ridden - with a little work.

They were much loved in Holland and their owner and trainer followed them over to see how they were settling in ten days later. We had a chance to see them being driven and they were parked up outside the rectory for lunch, on two days.

We have been getting the boys used to English ways and traffic. We have met blacksmiths and saddlers and the Rector@6 and I are on a very big learning curve.

My head is buzzing as I am the one who goes up to muck them out in the morning and tuck them up at night most days. The Rector@6 is coping with the annual round of 6 Annual General Meetings. He is trying to juggle a service rota with fewer staff members and is keen to explore some new ideas - but where is the time? Standing with the horses in their fields and gazing at the glorious countryside is proving to be a real opportunity to unwind.

Those of you who have followed this blog, know that I am very fond of Clydesdale horses - who are the old farm work horses and have very affectionate natures. These friesian are the Dutch farm horses and they are friendly, curious and very entertaining! We are so enjoying getting to know Fryso and Edel  (Eddie and Freddie). If you had told me a year ago that we would be owning two horses, I would not have believed you. What an amazing world it is!


  1. I'm the most unhorsey person you could meet, but those two are gorgeous and you'r obviously over the moon that they have come to live with you. :-) This isn't a breed I'm familiar with and I love their scuptured heads. That right profile is worth of a Greek or Roman statue or bas-relief. Have lots and lots of fun and relaxation with your lovely duo.

  2. What a pair of beautiful animals!! I have never heard of Fresian horses have heard of Friesian cattle, but just look at their condition! Shiny coats and oh so wonderful. Lol, I would hazard a guess that you spend more time with them than cleaning the bathroom:)

    1. I hadn't heard of Friesians until I came to Dorset but I recognise them as the breed used to pull wedding carriages or seen at funerals. They are high stepping and often used in dressage but they are the finer bred ones. Ours have the more traditional look.

  3. This is wonderful. Congratulations on becoming owner of these beautiful animals. How great is that? I know they are work, but how can you not be enchanted with these magnificent creatures. Even mucking out the barn can be a blessing. I live on a road where every other farm has horses. I am captivated by them, so I will be looking forward to more pictures.

  4. I am so happy for you. They are BEAUTIFUL! A

  5. What magnificent animals. Well done you on becoming their owners. They are really wonderful and am sure will keep you extremely occupied! Axxx