Saturday, 24 May 2014

It's walking time again!

 I can hardly believe that it is a whole year since our first Valley walk. It was our real introduction to the wonderful Dorset landscapes that can only be found away from the roads. It is the first event I can remember clearly since arriving in the parish last March (of course we had beautiful weather to make it truly memorable). We walk from church to church, with a short 'service' in each. It is about eleven miles in all. People are sponsored to raise money for TRUSTchildren's Home in rural south India or Double-Joy Children's Farm in south western Kenya or one or all of our beautiful valley churches.

Our Tess will be raising money by walking the walk with me. She was born just when we found out that the Rector@6 was coming to Dorset - hence the name Tess. One of our churches has links to Thomas Hardy - and has delightful carvings designed by him. He used to cycle over to read the lesson at evensong. Of course all these beautiful old churches cost the small congregations a lot of money to keep in good order. So Tess will be walking for them and trying to raise plenty of sponsorship.

Learning the ropes from Dad


  1. I hope you and Tess had a delightful walk, and that the local churches (and other charities) are much better for everyone's participation.

    And thanks for the note about Thomas Hardy. He's a very interesting writer; I've read a number of his books and poems.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. It is a wonderful idea, walking to all the churches......I hope you and Tess had a great walk. Tess has certainly grown in the first year. She is a sweetie.